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Do Employers Care About Employees?

Do employers care about employees

The recent price hikes have proved that most employers aren’t too concerned about their employees’ welfare. In the last three months, prices have gone up by as much as 300% or more. Whilst companies have been quick to adjust their prices, they haven’t done the same for their employees’ salaries. A friend works for a […]

How to Massively Boost Your Sales by Listing on Google My Business

List on Google My Business for better visibility

Are you aware that 78 % Of Local-Mobile Searches Result In Offline Purchases? In other words, the majority of people who search for local goods and services on a mobile device end up buying within 24 hours!   What is the implication? If you run a local business like a restaurant, salon, bar, hotel, boutique, […]

Are Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs 10 Years Behind Technology?

Zimbabwe internet shutdown has stopped all social media access

Zimbabwean entrepreneurs are not doing enough when it comes to using technology to grow their businesses.   There was a time (especially from the mid-’90s to the mid-00’s) when the statement ‘Zimbabwe is ten years behind technology’ was common. The statement grew out a realisation that the latest technological developments took a long time before […]


keeping a job vs entrepreneurship

A lot of people seem to prefer looking for and keeping a job to being an entrepreneur. Jobs are seen as more ‘secure’ and starting a business is seen as being very risky. In this post, I seek to show that ‘job security’ is a myth that has been thrown around for too long and […]

Taylor Chiyangwa featured on the Career Pod by Careers Zim

Taylor Chiyangwa on the Career podcast

I was featured by Careers Zim on their career podcast recently and I enjoyed it immensely. In the podcast, I talk about online entrepreneurship and why it can be a viable income generating alternative, especially for young people. I also share a bit of my story on how I got started and the challenges I faced […]

7 Ways You Can Use WhatsApp To Grow Your Business

How to use Whatsapp to grow your local business
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app that has revolutionalised the way we communicate. If you get into public transport or attend public gatherings you are bound to see almost everyone hunkered over their phones and the bulk of the time they will be on WhatsApp.    While the app has been mainly used for […]

Why earning money online is better than having a regular job: (Selling time vs selling products)

What are the advantages of having an online business

Do you know that if you have a day job you are exchanging your time for money? Time is a finite resource; we all have 24 hours every day and we cannot exchange all of them for money as we have to devote our time to other activities like sleeping, eating etc. This means that […]

Demystifying Myths On Making Money Online

Zimbabwe (and indeed many countries in Africa) has a high unemployment rate. The majority of those in employment are earning meagre salaries which they may not even get at all at times. The fact that most employers don’t care about employees makes it even worse.   Year after year increasing numbers of graduates are released onto a job […]

How To Use Facebook Wifi To Grow Your Local Business.

Facebook Wi-Fi is an exciting initiative that local business owners can use to grow their business and increase engagements, likes and check-ins. If you have a business and customers spend some time on your establishment then you may be interested in this feature. Examples of such businesses include hair salons, dentists, restaurants, bars, gyms etc. How […]

How To Use Hashtags To Promote Your Business On Social Media

Facebook just reported that they now have 2 billion active users every month and that’s just under 2 thirds of the world’s population on that social website. LinkedIn recently surpassed the 500 million active users mark. These trends are not isolated indeed, they are a reflection of the ever-increasing popularity of social media in our […]