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14 Easy-to-use ChatGPT Prompts For Increased Productivity

ChatGPT Prompts For Increased Productivity

I’ve put together a list of 14 14 easy-to-use ChatGPT prompts that’ll make you work smarter than a team of 12 full-time employees! With these awesome hacks, you’ll breeze through tasks, create amazing content, and make smarter decisions in no time. Check them out: —– Simplify complex problems Prompt: “Break down [insert topic] into simple, […]

Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing Whilst in School/College

Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing Whilst in School/College

It is no secret that the job market in Africa is heavily saturated. The situation gets worse every year as more companies go under and more graduates are released into the marketplace. If you are the average graduate your chances of getting employed in your area of specialisation are extremely slim. There is a need […]

How to Launch Your Fascinating Digital Marketing Career For Free!

How to Launch a Fascinating Digital Marketing Career

On a regular basis, a lot of people ask me these two questions; Is it a good idea to embark on a digital marketing career today? How they can I get started? This post is a comprehensive response to those questions. I will explore all the dynamics of digital marketing. My major goal is to […]

Advantages of Having an Online Business

What are the advantages of having an online business

If you have followed my blog for any amount of time you will know that I am very passionate about online entrepreneurship. I really feel that it can solve a lot of challenges that people are facing because of unemployment.   I have compared having a regular job versus running your own online business in […]

How to make your website add value to your business

An effective website can add value to your business

Do you have a website for your business? Is it adding any value to your business? In today’s digital age having a website for your business is standard practice. However, it is one thing to have a website and completely yet another to have that website adding value to your business.  I have assessed a […]

How Browsers Can Affect Your CyberSecurity

One feature most of us enjoy in Chrome browser is its autofill capacity and its ability to remember our passwords and username to enable subsequent easy login. This feature has made the task of remembering our password an old story for most of us. What we are mostly after now is just to say ok […]

9 Business Lessons we can Learn from Dr Oliver Mtukudzi

9 Business Lessons we can Learn from Dr Oliver Mtukudzi

Oliver Mtukudzi, one of the greatest musicians to come out of Africa passed away on the 23rd of January 2019. As I write this, he is being buried in Madziva, his rural home. Since the news of his death broke out, messages of condolence have been pouring in from all over the globe. A number […]

Boost Yourself with these Free Online Courses from Google

The best free online courses from Google that you can learn right now

Do you know that Google offers free, comprehensive online courses that have the potential to propel your business &/or Career forward? I highly recommend these free courses as they have helped me become the professional I am today. In fact, I have benefited so much form these courses that I am continually on the lookout […]