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How to Launch a Fascinating Digital Marketing Career

On a regular basis, a lot of people ask me these two questions; Is it a good idea to embark on a digital marketing career today? How they can I get started? This post is a comprehensive response to those questions. I will explore all the dynamics around digital marketing. My major goal is to […]

Boost Yourself with these Free Online Courses from Google

Do you know that Google offers free, comprehensive online courses that have the potential to propel your business &/or Career forward? I highly recommend these free courses as they have helped me become the professional I am today. In fact, I have benefited so much form these courses that I am continually on the lookout […]

Lessons we can Learn From The Zimbabwe Internet Shutdown

This has been a tumultuous week in Zimbabwe, to say the least. Let me focus on the internet shutdown that occurred from around 11:30 am on Tuesday 15 January and lasted for around 30 hours or so. So, what could we possibly learn from that internet blackout? Turns out quite a few things.   1. […]

How to make your website add value to your business

In today's digital age having a website for your business is standard practice. However, it is one thing to have a website and completely yet another to have that website adding value to your business.  I have assessed a lot of websites for my clients and have found that they are redundant i.e they do [...]

How to Massively Boost Your Sales by Listing on Google Maps

Are you aware that 78 % Of Local-Mobile Searches Result In Offline Purchases? In other words, the majority of people who search for local goods and services on a mobile device end up buying within 24 hours! What is the implication? If you run a local business like a restaurant, salon, bar, hotel, boutique, hardware […]

Are Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs 10 Years Behind Technology?

Zimbabwean entrepreneurs are not doing enough when it comes to using technology to grow their businesses. There was a time (especially from the mid-’90s to the mid-00’s) when the statement ‘Zimbabwe is ten years behind technology’ was common. The statement grew out a realisation that the latest technological developments took a long time before they […]

How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Network Marketing Business

Network marketing, also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), is big business worldwide. Some estimates suggest that the industry was worth a staggering US$ 200 billion in 2017 and that figure is expected to grow steadily in the coming years. Its no wonder that some rich and famous people like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have […]

Seven Ways To Use WhatsApp To Grow Your Business

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app that has revolutionalised the way we communicate. If you get into public transport or attend public gatherings you are bound to see almost everyone hunkered over their phones and the bulk of the time they will be on WhatsApp.  While the app has been mainly used for social […]

How To Use Facebook Wifi To Grow Your Local Business.

Facebook Wi-Fi is an exciting initiative that local business owners can use to grow their business and increase engagements, likes and check-ins. If you have a business and customers spend some time on your establishment then you may be interested in this feature. Examples of such businesses include hair salons, dentists, restaurants, bars, gyms etc. How […]

How To Use Hashtags To Promote Your Business On Social Media

Facebook just reported that they now have 2 billion active users every month and that’s just under 2 thirds of the world’s population on that social website. LinkedIn recently surpassed the 500 million active users mark. These trends are not isolated indeed, they are a reflection of the ever-increasing popularity of social media in our […]