My academic background is in Social Sciences but I ended up leaving that and venturing into the online world. After I graduated I got a job that was distantly related to my education but I had to take it just so that I could pay the bills and get some food on the table. 

I terribly hated that job and felt constrained and stifled daily. I felt I wasn’t growing as a person in that job and that led me to start looking at other alternatives of earning income.


I have always had an interest in online entrepreneurship since I had been introduced to a computer 20 years ago. So during the weekends and evenings, I started researching ways of earning income online. 

I watched videos on Youtube, sought out mentors, both local and international, and looked for books in my quest to quit my job and do something much better. I was convinced that my fortune lay online and it was just a matter of time before I became an online entrepreneur.I started setting up my first online business on a part-time basis while I worked my dreary job. I saw signs of progress and then decided to take the leap. I quit my job in December 2016 during a time where the bulk of the people were desperately looking for jobs. 

A lot of people around me thought I was delusional and I would regret such a drastic move but I am happy to say it has turned out to be the complete opposite.

Fast forward a few years and I have managed to set up a number of online businesses including:“ This is a full-service digital marketing agency offering social media management, web and graphic design services to businesses. This agency exists for the sole purpose to help businesses grow through the use of online channels. (Part of the team is pictured) This business provides content and copywriting services to businesses. Most businesses have a serious need for content creation services and no one was fully servicing that. – this is our online publication where we showcase the trending news from Zimbabwe

]I’m now a business owner and I enjoy it immensely. It does not even feel like work! I have also managed to create employment opportunities for a few guys (both fulltime and some freelancers). This makes me very proud especially looking at where I’m coming from.

Free e-book on ways of making money online

I have gone on to learn a lot of stuff on digital marketing and online entrepreneurship by myself. I am now a Google certified digital marketing specialist and I train business owners on how they can use digital channels to grow their business.

I also mentor people who are interested in setting up their own online businesses. (If you have any question you can ask on my Ask Me Anything page and I will be more than glad to assist you.)


One of my goals in life is to change the narrative of online entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe in particular and Africa in general.

I made this my mission after realising the multitude of income-generating opportunities that lie online that can be exploited if people have the knowledge and drive.

I hope to inspire someone who may feel stuck in a job they hate or may be giving up on getting employment altogether. I hope to show them that there is another way that is pretty much open to anyone willing to sacrifice time and effort in learning.

These are the reasons why I started this blog and why I also wrote a free book on online entrepreneurship. I believe we have all the ingredients necessary to capitalise on online entrepreneurship and what is lacking is just the right mindset. I have made it my mission to change that.

These are some of my certifications

You can learn and get these certifications for FREE as well. Check out these posts where I explain more.

How to Launch a Fascinating Digital Marketing Career

Boost Yourself with these Free Online Courses from Google

“I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts and comments on my story below!”

23 thoughts on “My Story

    • Taylor says:

      Thank you so much Eddington. I hope my story can resonate with and inspire more people out there so that we can turn our continent around. Thank you again for the compliments.

    • Taylor says:

      Thank you for your comments. Hope it can inspire at least one person out there. You also inspired me greatly on this journey. I’m truly grateful. Wish you the best too.

  1. Conceptor says:

    Taylor, having attended one of your training sessions, I felt so inspired. I remember in that training, I was one of the few people who were over 40 years and the majority were young people in their 20s and 30s. But guess what, we did not at all feel like we were in the wrong environment. The knowledge we acquired on that day was worth having attended. In my book to come, “Develop Yourself”, I challenge people to acquire knowledge in areas they are lacking. I realised that my marketing was weak, and after the training I was inspired to address this area in my business. As much as I am a ‘Mentor’ to other young women and young men, I am now your ‘Mentee’ Taylor as you help me Develop my ”Digital Marketing’ Skills. It is a ‘Mountain that can be arrived at’. Thank you Taylor. You are a blessing

    • Taylor says:

      Thank you so much ma’am. I have also learnt a lot from you. You have a big heart and I am honored to help you increase your impact. Looking forward to our journey together.

  2. Chiedza says:

    Great story you have there! Very inspiring to all the youths of today as well as the elderly, I’m interested in knowing more about digital marketing.

  3. Valerie Magorimbo says:

    Interesting journey Taylor. We have been communicating for a while and I have been bouncing off ideas on you which I haven’t really followed through. After reading your story I am inspired to get the ball rolling now. Thanks adhala.

    • Taylor says:

      Welcome Valerie. Im really looking forward to hearing your progress. #TakeAction

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