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Hello guys, so I have been getting a lot of questions about digital marketing and online entrepreneurship from many people. These questions have been coming through via email, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Over time I have realised that some of the questions are repetitive and when I answer them privately I just assist one person at a time.

So I have decided to open this question and answer thread to ensure that my responses can assist a lot of you out there.

If you have a question on digital marketing, online entrepreneurship and internet marketing you can make use of this thread. 

Leave your question or requests by commenting below. When you click on the comment box the following will appear.

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This ensures that you get an email notification when I respond to your question or request. I promise to answer all questions.   


  1. Brian

    Hello Taylor.

    I would like to start freelancing and digital marketing.
    1. How can i open Upwork account when there is no option for selecting Zimbabwe (I have seen some Zimbabweans there)?
    2. How can you help me start digital marketing?
    3. In summary, let me ask how you can help me start earning online. Best with what you are doing, then later on i will find other options that suit my personality as i go.

    • Taylor

      Hi Brian, thank you for getting in touch. Let me respond to your questions.

      1. When opening on Upwork you can use South African or Mozambique address. I heard someone say its working for them that way.

      2. Digital marketing is very broad actually. Some of the specialisations under digital marketing include search engine optimisation, copywriting, social media marketing, email marketing etc. You will have to choose a field that you prefer. To get started, you can take this free Fundamentals of Digital marketing course on Google.
      The comprehensive course has over 25 modules and an exam at the end. Everything is done online and when you pass you get certified. From there, you can come back and ask me about a particular specialisation and I will advise you accordingly. You can take this course on a desktop or on a mobile device.

      3. There are a lot of ways to earn online. Again, it comes down to your preferences, skills and passion. For a start, you can read my free e-book titled ’25 Ways to Make Money Online’

      In the book, I outline each method so that you can get an understanding and choose one which you would want to explore further.

      Added to that, I regularly interview people earning money online and they share their tactics and tips. I interview them via Facebook live on my page at

      You can see one interview I had with someone who is earning money by doing software reviews online and you can watch it here.

      I hope this answers your questions. I am looking forward to hearing your progress. Its not easy to get started with making money online but if you have the dedication you can make it.

      All the best and thanks again for your question!

  2. Nesta

    Hie mr taylor we had a cobversation on twitter a couple of mins ago

  3. Nesta

    As someone who wants to start an electrical business i would love to sell my products online to reach a much broader customers i wl be dealing with supplying electrical spares for both industrial commercial and domestic audience wl love to put my products online and Also i wl be doing 24hr services and repairs to everyone and i still need a website

    • Taylor

      Thank you again Nesta, you did well by asking for advice at the planning stage.

      To sell your stuff online you need to first create an online presence for your business. Listing your business on Google maps is a great way to do this. You can learn how to do this in this post.

      Having a website will also help you reach the reach your audience. There are many aspects that contribute to having an effective website. I have a full post on this and you can read the post here.

      For the 24 hour services, you can have alerts on the websites that will notify you when a request comes through. Having social media presence and running advertising campaigns will also help push your business forward.

      You will also need to know your customer pain points so that you can structure your marketing campaigns. I have written an article on customer pain points and you can read it here.

      I would need to know a few more details. Is your market local or international? Do you want to sell via your website? Will you be doing the repairs in a limited geographical area?

      Hope this helps you. Looking forward to hearing further thoughts from you.

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