What 2019 Taught Me As A Digital Marketer

As the New Year begins, let me share with you what I learned in 2019 as a Digital Marketing


1. Clients are more focused on ROI more than anything else.

Don’t just tell them what services you provide, tell them what your services will do to increase their revenue. Better yet, prove it. If you can first prove it with results from other clients the better.

The thing is there are now many people claiming to be digital marketers out there because talk is cheap. However, its results that will set you apart.


2. Understand Your Customer’s Needs.

Identify business problems from client’s viewpoint and find a way to solve that problem using your services. This means you have to talk to existing and potential customers though so that you can hear it from the horse’s mouth.

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You can build surveys using free tools like surveymonkey to get the much needed feedback. You can also check product reviews, complaints and recommendations of your products and those of your competitors so that you get to really understand everything from a customers’ viewpoint.


3. Influencer Marketing is Growing at a Faster Pace

More and more businesses the world over are adapting to iinfluence marketing. In Zimbabwe, comedians have been at the forefront of influencer marketing. However, as a business, you have to be very careful before you go down this route.

You will need to find an influencer who resonates with your brand. You also have to check the demographics of the influencer’s following to see if they fit the profile of your ideal customer.

For example, using an influencer with mostly a young following will be a bad idea if you are a company into borehole drilling.


4. Provide Value & Charge Your Worth

Never try to under charge because someone else is providing the same service cheaper than
you. Instead, explain to the client the value that you can provide to them and then prove the value.


5. Business Networks Are Critical

Networking is very important in business. Keep contacts of other businesses and maintain good relations with them. If a client asks for a particular service that you don’t provide, you can refer them to someone who does.


6. Personal Branding is Very Important In The Marketplace

If you have a good personal brand, then there is a higher chance you will get more clients. Everyone is a brand and this affects how others perceive them. Take the time to learn the best way to invest in a personal brand. You will surely reap the rewards!


7. Customer Relationships

Last and most important, keep a good relationship with your existing clients, try to provide the service before deadline and reply to their email and messages on time, keep them in touch even after the project.

Remember, its easier to maintain current clients than to get new ones.


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